Friday, May 1, 2009


Was feeling a little pent up a few weeks back so I wrote a poem! Hope you like!


Feeling nostalgic tonight
Wish I was free
Not so uptight
Not so chained by the everyday

Wish I could relax
Wish I could dream
And float with the wind
No rules

Freedom to breathe
Where I can hear my thoughts
And listen
Take time

No plans
No responsibilities
Smelling the breeze,
Feeling the air

Swirl my skirt
Release my arms

You There?

Oh my, it has been a long time since I have been to blogging world. I haven't forgotten about it, just haven't had anything worth my opinion. Still kinda feel like I don't have much to say but, since it is random stuff, I guess I will just update.

Well, tax season is over and thus the end of my working....kind of a let down- I enjoy going to work and contributing to the finances in the house. Michael and I have decided to look into (yet again) me working full-time because the business world makes more money than the health care field. Working this last season, along with some other things that have happened, have urged me to pursue getting my Series 6 and 63. These 2 licenses will allow me to help people plan for their retirement and advise them with their finances- this has been sort of a pipe dream for me for awhile, but I don't think it has to be. So I am actively pursuing this. I do have to be sponsored by a company so I need to find a job that can do this.....but the possibilities are endless, we are at a great spot right now where I am able to be picky in choosing a job because Michael is working, so I will wait to find a great job that will also sponsor me in my endeavors!

Jake and Eve are doing great- Eve is potty trained and has been for 6 months and she's not even 2 1/2! Although she doesn't always tell me when she has to go- she does make it 99% of the time. She is really talking up a storm and is outgoing and warming up to people a lot more!

Jake is learning the sounds letters make and is slowly working on reading. He is almost 5, but won't be able to go to school because his birth-date is 9 days short of the cutoff. He is growing up to be quite the little man and he gets a quarter every week for making his bed every morning. It is very nice not to have to make 3 beds!

Michael is finishing his last day of school today, he will be off for the summer which is such a relief. I feel like his schooling has gone really well, he has learned to manage his time and therefore, it doesn't cut too much into our lives; although I do look forward to spending more time with him. When he does go back in August, he only has 4 more classes and he will be done with his Masters! So proud of him and thankful that he finally found the one right for him- Masters in Spiritual Formation.

I am watchng Spongebob Squarepants right now, it's amazing what a staple he has become in our house.....somedays I can't stand him and other days I look forward to watching him! Today, I could definitely go without him, but at least it's better than Wonder Pets!

That was definitely random!

Anyways, the kids are looking for a snack so I guess I better get on the ball with my mothering....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Eve's Second Birthday

Well, Eve's birthday is on the 9th, but since we both have to work, I thought we could celebrate it today!

A few words for and about my little darling.

Happy Birthday to my bestest friend and favorite little girl in the world! We are polar opposites and I live vicariously through her. Such a free-spirit, fearless and always happy, I hope those things never change. A petite girl with a personality that fills whatever room she is in. She is so full of life and vibrant!

Turning two is pivitol for her- she is already potty trained, she is talking more and more and she sings and dances like it's her job! She is definitely going to be musically inclined. She plays the piano daily and doesn't sound half bad!

She loves to jump all over the furniture, but will only dive after I say, "Ready, set, go!" She hangs upside down on the chairs and does summersaults all over the floor!

She is always very polite saying, "please", "thank you" and "excuse me"- ("me-me!). She says hi to anyone who walks in the room, careful to never leave anyone out and always gives Jake a kiss and hug before she takes a nap. Her new phrase is comical- when I ask her a question she doesn't know the answer to, she has learned to say, "I don't know" (of course not that clear).

Two years has passed so quickly and I see her lovely personality more and more each day. She will be much loved by those around her, she is so fun-loving and a blast to be around!

Happy Birthday my little Lolly! I na knew! (That's how she says I love you!)

Thursday, January 29, 2009


I am at a loss for words right now, but I really want to blog. Times are busy right now, between working 2 days a week doing taxes, being a business manager for an awesome photographer, and leading youth group activities, and being a mom and wife, it's crazy!

How about some Valentine's talk? I am always up for love! It's coming soon and I have already ordered my husbands gift- a 20 ounce container of New England Clam Chowder and a 20 ounce container of Seafood Chowder from the Lobster Gram- a place in Maine that delivers the stuff fresh. I have used these people a few times and if your love likes seafood- it is definitely worth it! My husband is going to love this and I am excited to see his reaction! Check out the site-

I personally am hoping for some flowers- roses. I know- cliche and a waste of money on something that dies in a few days. But it has been a long time since I have gotten any and I think the thougtfullness is the best. It's like chivalry- kinda.

What else....? My daughter's second birthday is coming up in a few days- she is so cute! So, today I bought her Amethyst earrings, her birthstone. Can't wait to put them in!

Another thing that I think about a lot is that I wish my parents lived closer. They live in Kentucky and it is so far away! I wish I could see them more and I wish they could know my children better. Jake and Eve recognize them on the phone and when they see them, but I so want them to be close. I really regret not knowing my grandparents better and everything I could have learned from them, not to mention the fun times we could have had. My mom's dad was a college professor who taught Botany- think of all I could have learned about plants and trees! dad's mom is a dancer- seriously, 90 years old and goes dancing every Friday night! She is feisty and a blast! But they both lived a good 9-10 hours away....doesn't that stink? So much wasted time with family. Anyway......I have realized how important family is and I want my family close!

Well, I guess that is it....pretty random....I guess it fits with the name of the blog. Hope you all are doing well, whoever reads this, and are enjoying the new year and are keeping up with your resolutions!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Typical Blogging

Well, it is the New Year, so I am sure that everyone else is starting the new year with a fresh blog, so why should I be any different?

Well, 2008 has come and it has gone. Nothing huge happened this past year, which I consider to be good. No one is sick or dying that is close to me, we are all in good health. Praise God.

Now that 2009 is here, I would like to ask the same question that I am sure many other bloggers are asking- what are your resolutions? I really would like to know. I wonder where the whole resolution thing came from and when it started. Mental Note: research New Year Resolutions and history.

My resolutions are to be healthier, (which hopefully should spur some weight loss), I want to be more patient with my kids, I would like to work part-time year round and help with the finances in the house, I would like to become closer to God (thankfully, Michael is doing his Masters in Spiritual Formation so I have a little help with that one) and I would like to really get some movement with my business going....not sure I ever blogged about that, so....

I started a business a few years back, but it has really taken more shape this past year with some larger clients. The business is called Woods Consulting. I have a Masters in Business and for a long while, I was trying to find my niche with what it would be used for. Sure I do taxes and am the Business Manager for Images by Shari ( ((shoutout)) but I really wanted to do something on my own.

Well, after helping a few people with small businesses, and with some advice from business people, I realized that I have a knack for how a consumer sees a company and therefore am able to consult a business owner on how to streamline their company. I modify and tweak their ideas to meet how they want their customer to see their business. I find this very fun and very rewarding. It doesn't pay very much since new businesses don't have much money. Haven't figured how to fix that, yet. Let me know what you think of my business card.

Anyway, this year I would like to see where I can go with that with some more active advertising, business cards, website, etc. Hopefully I can get that moving. If not.....on to something new. And that's about it. What about you?

I pray and hope that this year keeps us all healthy and happy. I get scared when I think about a whole new year ahead and what it could bring. I hope my children and yours are safe from harm and wrong-doers and I hope we all commit to keeping our New Years resolutions. We are all in the palm of God's hand, so whatever does happen, we can know He knows about it and find peace in that.

Have a great New Year!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Sometimes, I feel like I don't deserve husband.

Wow, he is incredibly good looking, kind-hearted, talented, loving, a good father etc. etc.... you get the idea.

Tonight, he whispered in my ear a really corny joke during the invitation....ooooohhhh- big sin....move on....anyway, a girl behind him said, "It is no time for jokes." Joking herself of course, but he turned to her and said, "It is my way of flirting with my wife!" I thought that was so funny. He knows I roll my eyes at every one of his corny jokes, but I thought it was so cute how he still wants to impress me.

Another thing was that the guy who preached tonight told a story about Michael that I hadn't heard. He, Michael and our son, Jake and his son, Matt were on there way last year to a Red Sox game when they were coming up to a red light and saw a homeless man asking for money. The guy Michael was with went to put up his window, assuming, as we all do, that the guy would spend the money on alcohol or drugs. Michael said, "No, leave it down," took out his wallet and gave the guy some money. You see, to brag on Michael a little, he tries to be like Jesus more than anyone I have ever met. He works with mentally handicapped people, the people that are last in our culture who will be first in the end. He cleans up their poop and throw up and loves them unconditionally. He gives to the people on the street and he cares about people like Jesus does.

Yes, he has all his doctrine straight and reads his Bible and prays, but he has such a real relationship with the Lord that I think when he sees Jesus in Heaven, Jesus won't ask to get caught up. His relationship with the Lord is so real and continual......he always has some part of his brain in Heaven with the Lord. Anyway, no one has opened my eyes to the love of Jesus and who He really is more so than Michael. It is so genuine, and although I have been saved since I was 5, when I met Michael, he introduced me to the real Jesus, one that is caring for others before Himself and one that cannot be contained or "figured out"; but rather a mystery. To enjoy a relationship with Christ, he has taught me it is a journey, not something you suddenly get as soon as you become a Christian. So many think they have Him figured all out. But in our finite minds...we never could.

Michael has done so much for me, both spiritually and in other ways. He has taught me patience and love and has taught me to love the Lord first. Not by just saying it, but my living it. He is a family man- vital, vital, vital. We love it when daddy is home and he makes it so much fun.

So, since this is my blog and it is about random thoughts, I thought I would just love-up on my blessed husband whom I adore. He is it, he is my soul-mate and was meant for me, and I am so glad he is my husband, I never thought it would be this easy to be married.....he is my BFF.....and I love him.

Sorry if this has made you gag, I won't write anymore about him for a while!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I Think That I'm Falling for Fall

Fall days can be so eerie sometimes. So quiet, bare trees and no one really outside. It always seems like I look in my rearview mirror to make sure no one is following me, the random leaf that falls from the sky looking for a landing is spooky. And all the leaves on the ground rustling is sometimes the only noise you hear. It can freak you out if you don't keep a grip on reality. Fall days are also my favorite, despite these things.....a fire in the fireplace, candles burning and chicken soup on the stove, makes you feel cozy.

I am trying to think of a point to this blog, but I don't really have one, except sometimes fall can make you feel kinda eerie, yet reflective at the same time, I seem to quiet down and look around at all the beauty, maybe that's why God made autumn- so you would be quiet and look at the beauty of the earth and all that is on it, then, if you notice when the snow starts to fall, it seems even quieter....there may be a point in that after all. Spring and summer everything comes to life, we go to the beach and theme parks, and have BBQ's, and everyone is outside, there is always a bustle and noise, but in the fall and winter, people slow down and take a breath. Hmmm.......that's a cool thought.